Anyone that would be looking for a sharp pen, is probably looking for someone like Vojta. Some copywriters moves on the surface only, while others have the ability to go deeper and really construct a story or a text that is something special. Vojta is a representative of the latter. Another strength he possess is the ability to quickly turn from one angle to another and create stories in completely different directions. A strength that comes in very handy in situations where we have to deliver a wide specter of ideas. I have seen him take the steps from a copywriter covering the tasks of traditional advertising to, in the last couple of years, making his mark in the field of digital copy writing, with all the extra insight this requires. On this background I can safely say that he is a contemporary writer that masters the tasks that modern communication demands.

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Vojtěch Untermüller
Pod lipami 2563/29
Praha 3 130 00

IČO: 71620915
DIČ: CZ7806250144